Camilo is a former dancer and Pilates teacher who recently joined the team at Pilates on 66.

Who are you and what is your position at Pilates on 66?

Camilo: Hi, my name is Camilo, my friends call me Cam. I currently teach Pilates at Pilates on 66 and I am also the studio superviser which means that I keep the studio supplies in stock and make sure that the studio is in an orderly state at the beginning of each day.

What brought you to Pilates & What keeps you coming back for more?

Camilo:Pilates was introduced to me when I was dancing. Pilates is always interesting because there are so many endless exercises that all fit together like a puzzle. Unlike other kinds of exercise I never feel bored doing Pilates.

What motivates you when you teach Pilates?

Camilo: I am motivated by peoples potential. It really gets me going when I see people ready and willing to build stronger relationships with their bodies and minds. I think people underestimate how much they can do and where they can go from where they are now. I like to show them how they can progress beyond their expectations through exercise.

What do you focus on most with your clients?

Camilo:First and foremost I focus on getting my clients moving so that they don’t feel intimidated by Pilates. Then I like to focus on mindfulness, moving through intention, execution of the exercises, and of course the exercises themselves. Thereby building a bridge between the mind and body.

What are you current goals in your own Pilates practice and what do you struggle with the most?

Camilo: The thing I struggle with the most is opening my chest. At the moment, I am practicing a lot of back bending because of the way that it challenges me to open my chest without arching my lower back. Sometimes I even get a spinal adjustment when I back bend correctly and it feels amazing! My other big struggle is connecting my peripheral strength to my powerhouse. I am quite strong and muscular so it is hard for me not to muscle through exercises. I find that as I become more mindful in my practice my connection to my powerhouse deepens.

What are the greatest benefits that you have experienced from your Pilates practice?

Camilo: Today by body feels healthier than when I was dancing and a lot of that comes from my increasing powerhouse strength rather than superficial peripheral strength.

What is your favorite workout to do outside of Pilates?

Camilo: My favorite extracurricular workout is Yoga and whatever is being offered classpass that week that peaks my interest.

What do you do outside of Pilates to keep your mind sharp?

Camilo: I love to read the latest articles on body science and all kinds of subjects relating to movement and health. I also love to dabble in other methods of movement to help inform my teaching style as I continue to develop it.

What is your favorite meal or snack to recover from a challenging workout?

Camilo: After a workout I enjoy a good green juice, smoothie, or matcha tea to help replenish my energy. Nothing is better than connecting with my friends and loved ones over a great meal after a long day of Pilates!