We caught up with Liz Koosed to find out how Pilates keeps her mind and body engaged. She also shared her most recent accomplishment, becoming a published author for the first time.

Who are you & what is your position at Pilates on 66?:

Liz: Hi, I am Liz, at Pilates on 66 I am a Professional Pilates Teacher and also the Communications Coordinator responsible for all social media and newsletter correspondence. I am also a published Author.

What brought you to Pilates?

Liz: When I was 16 I suffered a back injury which eventually led me to seek relief with Pilates. Pilates was the only thing that put and end to my chronic pain and helped me to forge an active and healthy lifestyle thereafter.


How long have you been teaching Pilates? and What do you love most about it?

Liz: I have been teaching Pilates for 9 years now. Time flies!
I love my clients and I love watching others find their own power through the practice in the same way that I do.

What keeps you coming back for more?

Liz: Pilates makes me feel strong and powerful every time I do it. I am always challenged and always find a place to excel in my practice. Even when the rest of my life gets chaotic, I can always find a sense of mastery with Pilates.

What motivates you when you teach Pilates and what do you focus on most?

Liz: My clients are my biggest motivator. When I am working with my clients we focus on their goals. Their dedication, concentration and commitment to changing their bodies and lives through the work are what keep me motivated to develop my understanding of Pilates each year.

What are your current goals in your own Pilates practice?

Liz: Currently I am reaching the end of a long rehab process from a shoulder injury. This injury has made me focus on using my whole upper body in a more optimal way especially when I am teaching and spotting but also in my own workouts.

What do you struggle with the most?

Liz: I struggle with controlling my extreme hyper-mobility. I am crazy flexible in all parts of my body except for my hips. What is tightness for me would be considered looseness for someone with average flexibility.

What are the greatest benefits that you have experienced from your Pilates practice?

Liz: My Pilates practice has given me a place and space to anchor my life to. No matter what is going on outside the studio my workout is the place I return to week after week. It’s a place that has helped me to grow into the person I want to be and it helps me find a place of power in my life that is completely mine. It is wonderful to feel the benefits of strengths that I built it through my dedicated practice.


What is your favorite workout to do outside of Pilates?

Liz: I enjoy taking spin classes at SoulCycle with a particular instructor, Akin. He is my instructor crush at the moment.

What is your favorite meal or snack to recover from a challenging workout?

Liz: I love fruit and veggie smoothies. They give me some quick lasting energy while also helping me re-hydrate after strenuous workouts. I sweat a lot in a hard workout so hydration is key to recovery. Sleep is also a key recovery factor for me, I need a lot of it.

What do you do outside of Pilates to keep your mind sharp?

Liz: I cook and I write. I recently wrote a book "A Single Ladies Guide to Dating", about the lessons I learned while I was still single and dating in New York. The book was first published in Brazil out of Rio De Janeiro in September 2015. The book is currently pending publication in the US next year.